questions about python/blender

(dalexander) #1

Hi all,

I am new to blender, python, and 3d in general (3 strikes, right :stuck_out_tongue: )

Can the IK bones information be gotten to through the python api? What I would like to do is dump a character mesh and bone information to a file. I would like to mess around with some C/OpenGL programming with regards to IK animation and programming.

Does any existing exporter already perform this? Can this be accomplished, if it doesn’t already exist? Anyone have any opinions or suggestions that would enable me to work on my little project?

I believe that the resources exist to dump different poses of the mesh to perform tweening? Has anyone worked with this? Is this viable because of the amount of data required to for the animation sequences for a basic engine?

As I said, this is all new to me. Please excuse any wrong terminology used or misconceptions.


(Hos) #2

Yep – beat it! (just kidding)

I don’t think the bone information is exportable.

I think the python API has access to “the mesh, as deformed by an armature”. I
believe that this is the information that most export scripts write out.
For examples of successful export scripts please see “BlenderMan” by
Green and “PovAnim” by jms (both have announced new versions in this
forum fairly recently).

This should be possible, but I don’t know if anybody has implemented it.