Questions About Textures

Been a while since I used Blender…

My questions about textures are these:

  1. How do I create textures using the textures that I ready have in a object?
  2. How do I create Normal Maps?
  3. How do I create Stencil maps? ( I think that is the black and white textures.)
  4. How do I Add Normal and Stencil maps to a texture to make it look more detailed?

I know all that sounds noobish but I haven’t used the BGE or Blender in 4months now so I forgot somethings…

This Sir has everything you need!


2.Baking/texture editing (even with GIMP with an add-on is possible)

3.Stencil maps can easily be drawn even with Paint - using them is your issue :wink:

4.See the link :yes:

Ummm I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… But I think its my UVs… :confused:

Could someone Unwrap this for me so it could work for baking textures?

Or post a link to a video on how to bake textures? (Can’t find any 2.5+ video tutorials on how to do this.)

Note: If you use those textures in the model please give me credit.

to baking the texture there a good button new, see in the panel render (where choose multitexture/GLSL)
see at bottom on this…on “bake”.

make some test, to not damage the old texture, anyway seem very easy also for me which usually make only mess with this things :slight_smile: