Questions about the Groups feature

I’m researching the Groups feature here for possible future use. I didn’t want to create a test group for I only have a few questions…

I did join a group to see if it would then appear for me on the main forums page in a Groups category. Apparently it doesn’t. Is this feature available here which could be turned on in the future?

Can a group owner create more categories other than Groups Discussions. If not is this a feature which could be turned on in the future?

Yeah the brain wheels get turning and fantastic possibilities abound. Mainly I’m just curious. I used to build Dragonfly CMS sites and the Groups in that were almost like a forum site within the main site when all options were turned on.

The two options I mention here would be nice for a production project group. No need for group galleries, link pages, blogs, and such. That could be done off-site.

In-group forum categories would be practical for a project. A front page Groups Category (only see the groups you are in) would be convenient for group members and a way to attract new members. As of now Groups are buried in the Community link. I forgot they were even turned on here now till I saw the spam group reported here today. A separate Groups link would be nice if nothing else.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. Again I say fantastic job everyone is doing on BA Forums. It’s a top-notch forums site now IMO.