Questions? about the which game engine to use?

I have use the 2.49b game engine a lot.
I want to make a game in 2.58 and share it with the public, but I want it to look professional with my own logo and all the jazz.

1st. does anyone know if the game engine is up and running, I try it and nothing happen (ps I was on my Mac). Also can you have your Icon using blenders game engine?

2nd. If I can’t do anything in the 1st. question should I use another game engine like ogre3d SIO2 ( I know it’s a pay version now ) unity, or is there any other engines out there.

I’m still learning programming in C++ and python.

Any Help would be great


2.49B is stable and many people are still using it for game creation. 2.5X has many new features, which makes it better, but still has some bugs in it which is annoying. If your game is incredibly simple and won’t take long, I recommend 2.49B until a full stable version of 2.5X is released, or else wait it out.

You can make it as custom as you like, it’d be an .EXE file, so people don’t need blender or anything to run it. Plus yes you can change the icon to a custom one.

There is dozens of engines out there, Unity, Ogre, Hero Cloud, Torque, Panda, etc. I’ve tried Unity it’s incredibly hard to learn for me, dealing with objects and classes, it’s like something you’d see on N.A.S.A.'s screen. But you can make a really professional game, as they are multi threaded.

Both C++ and Python are excellent languages to learn.

Thank you for your reply, I guest I’ll have to stick with what I know then (2.49b). Is there a site explaining on how to change the icon?

2.58 is a stable release . . .

2.5x has some great features, the biggest one being dynamic loading, which is really helpful in making a larger game.

I try the runtime on the game engine to export it out as a standalone and nothing happen. Am I doing something wrong or is it different from 2.49b???

So were you trying to use the save as runtime script and nothing happened? Or are you talking about the lovely white screen on the blenderplayer on Macs (which is fixed in the SVN)?

I try use the save as runtime and nothing happened. Is there another build in Graphicall ? Does it work in Windows if so that will great also?

If the Save As Runtime script doesn’t due anything, then there was probably an error. Check the console (for OS X, run Blender through the terminal).

As far as stability, Blender 2.57 was the first officially “stable” release of 2.5x. I’ve been using it for BGE back when it was in Alpha. It’s pretty stable now. :wink:

If you’re going to go for another engine, I’d look at Unity or UDK.

If the Save As Runtime script doesn’t due anything, then there was probably an error. Check the console (for OS X, run Blender through the terminal).

The OSX version of blender doesn’t come with its own blenderplayer which you need a copy of to make the .app.

How do I do that?

In the changelog for blender 2.58a


As for the icon changing, there’s a sticky at the top of the Blender Support and Discussion forum called ‘Replacing EXE icons’.