Questions coming from Daz3d animation

Quick intro for context;
I’ve been animating in Daz3d for a few years on and off, it’s easier to pick up but I guess limited and quite buggy for animation. I have previously tried to learn Blender with 2.7x but couldn’t get my head around it, 2.8x is better and with a bit more determination I’m going through different courses.
So far I’ve watched all the Fundamentals series and am going through Grant Abbit’s beginners course.

I’m primarily interested initially in using downloaded characters, props etc to get me where I was up to in Daz and just get practicing with the animation side. After that then Blender has great options for many other things such as sculpture and modelling and physics…

My experiences so far have been hit and miss though, I feel like I’m missing some fundamental differences in how things are done which I’ve not managed to see in tutorials. Basic stuff like I downloaded the test model that came Mike character (and tried others) that comes with Auto-Rig Pro but I find what I’m expecting to do is to grab a body part/control like a hand move it in screen space using Grab and have that part pull say the rest of the arm with it using IK as it does in Daz. What I keep finding instead is that it’s all stretching or detaching etc but in demo video’s it looks like it’s working how I expect.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong in my approach like “never Grab, only Rotate” or it simply works differently…?

I’ve had to put 3 images into one here as I’m only allowed one image as a new user. :slight_smile:

Example 1 - I don’t really want things to stretch, can I toggle this sort of thing off?

Example 2 - I grabbed the whole hand but it only moved parts of it

3 - There’s an IK thing here (lit in yellow) but grabbing it doesn’t move anything, the FK one moves the hand (just rotates) as I’d expect?

Additionally, if there’s any recommended products or specific courses that can get me to the character animating (more) quickly so I can then carry on the journey with Blender afterwards then please point me in the right direction!