Questions: F Curve Mods, Missing Actions/NLA, Playback


I’m not really an animator, so I have been running into some clunky things with blender I hope someone could clarify. I have been putting up with it for now, finding odd workarounds and such, but I think I have spent enough time being ignorant to how a few of these things work.

  1. Can someone explain the interaction between the Graph editor and F-curve modifiers is? Sometimes, I am able to insert User Generated modifiers (like sine waves) into a graph while still maintaining the ability to edit points and curves that I placed by hand—outside of the range the modifier is affecting; however, there are times when I add a modifier, and I completely lose the ability to select previously placed keyframes or anything else: even to the point where deleting the modifiers does not return the normal graph editor behaviour to my control. I found a few posts saying, “Hit Alt-C” to back the curve to make it editable, but this has not been fruitful in my experience.

  2. I have recently been making use of the NLA editor, and I am shocked I did not utilize this more in the past; however, I have recently been needing to do a lot of animation within materials, and while I can push it to the NLA via the NLA’s page, I noticed that the animation that it is referencing does not actually appear in the action editor. Is this normal or a bug?

  3. Is there any way to return to the frame from the start of playback after hitting stop?