Questions for a student project

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve looked and read it for a while, but I think wasn’t blending enough to post on it. Nevertheless, i’ve got a big question (which has been asked several times, but i didn’t found anything.)

It’s basically the same problem as some old topics talking about multiple active cameras (or dual camera receiving audio for dual screen)
(i do not know if new users can post internal urls, so i don’t)

That’s for my project at university, I wanna make an installation 8 speakers that display sounds when sensors are activated, to progressively build a soundscape. The idea is that 8 objects receive the sounds from virtual speakers, as if there were 8 active cameras in the scene receiving audio (in mono, one object per physical speaker) from the whole scene.
The sensor part will be handled by Pure Data and Arduino. The sound will be displayed via a sound card.

It would allow me to display moving sounds interactively, which is the biggest technical issue. I do not know anything about python, neither if one and a half year would be enough to learn it, but I want to try.

So, if anyone have idea?

Thank you! :o

(english isn’t my mothertongue, so please forgive my languages errors)

So, to clarify, you want to have 8 objects, each acting as a microphone to in-game sounds.
These then send their data to speakers?
I think this can be done, but it would be complex.

You’ll definitely need to know python.

Also, you’ll probably need to learn a few things about FFTs, if you want to create audio visualizations.

… There might be a library that will get you the spectrum data using NumPy, or something like that - Google is your friend.