Questions for using Blender and some premade rigs for painting

Hey, I found this video recommended me made by a Japanese VTuber artist called Drawing Vtuber Haraken [Illustration Honpo of Haraken] (translated by google) and @/pkenshiq on Twitter and he uses two 3D software such as Daz Studio for rigging pre-made models and Blender for modelling and finishing up renders.

Note: It is recommended to use closed captions to auto-translate Japanese to English

Since he used 3D rendered image as a reference to do anime renders in Clip Studio Paint, do you think it is really considered cheating? If you’re a professional artist or art professor, please be honest and tell me why it is considered cheating. Just to be curious since I feel bad for a Japanese artist getting called out in the comments for “cheating” when it’s not.

Only the result matters. Someone can use the most expensive tools (hardware and software) and newertheless make the cheapest (pun intended) crap. And in image seen (without viewing the video): if the pose is bad, the result also would be bad. And look at the left side eyes (scary) and onthe right the two girls are looking at you.

The people who criticize this type of thing, I would ask them… could you do that? Could you get the same result? It still takes an idea, an eye for composition, knowledge of the tools, and talent to get to the final result. Not only that, but Daz markets their products for ARTISTS and I believe this type of workflow is encouraged.

Hmmm, I wonder how many centuries artists have been using wooden dummies to visualize their final drawing

or even using a live model to get lips for a finished piece that has a completely different model posing for…

I figure it this way…the only cheating is when you take an artist’s work and sign your name to it!

Of course the good old mannequin. It’s reference. There is for example no cloth simulation included, no leather material shader, no hair particle shader, no… oh then it would be 3D art :wink: