Questions I have about GE.

  1. How can I lock some objects movement, so it won’t rotate, only move?

  2. Why does GE freeze after about 5sec if nothing is moving much?

  3. How can I put so, that there is no shadows or dark sides in objects, with one lamp?

  4. Is it possible to animate objects with IPO or shape keys in GE? (And with ipo, it must be so that movements (like armatures) must be relative to that object, not exactly in that area.)

  5. How can I put textures so they can be seen in shaded mode? (And in-game.)

  6. Is the only way to put example platforms automatically move with nodes?

I think thats all at this time, please help. :slight_smile:

Wow, have you ever checked out any of the tutes? I learned most of this in a day…
1 Turn of Rigid Body, use Linear Velocity for movement
2 Um…
3 The GE doesnt support shadows. You have to have lights on both sides in order to light all sides(95% sure)
4 I think you can use global(relative right?) IPOs, maybe think about using Actions instead, much easier.
5 Go into UV face mode, select all faces, open image in the UV/Image editor window, viola.
Hope that helps, anybody correct me if I screwed up…

Please check the stickies.

Just to add on the #4:

You need to create a fake user with the IPO action. Then, add a new set of logic bricks, and make it so that whenever you press a key or something, it plays the action (the action’s name is the same as the fake user).