questions on 2.46 uv mapping


  I just recently downloaded 2.46 and attempted to start working on my current project,  much to my surprise, i can no longer do uv map and now it has moved to the object mode. It is ok i guess, except I now have no clue how to do anything.  After an hour of search, I still have no clue how to do a dozen of things I use to do.  I'm just going to ask how it would be done here in the forum.
  1. I have 30 faces all should have the same uv and texture of face A, I would like to copy the uv and texture of face A and paste it to the 30 faces, how do I do it?

  2. before 2.46, it was very easy to select a face , but now we have to select the dot exactly the same way as edit mode, the problem now is that since the texture is viewable, it is extremely difficult to click on the dot, is this just something we’lll have to live with?

  3. I see this cursor now in my UV/Image Editor, what is it? what does it do?

  4. Where did the " Search for Image in Directory " option go?

  5. where did select same UV texture went?

I have the same problem bro, I have no clue how to UV map anything now…

I am way new to Blender, so salt what I tell you…

Most of the UVMap commands are now in the 3D Edit window. There is a new UV Cala panel in Buttons when in 3D Edit Mode.

Some bakes only work correctly when you switch back to Object Mode… ? WTF?

I am so confused… plus I get alot of ‘no image to bake to…’ errors when attempting to bake textures from UVMaps… regardless of whether I create a new UV image or not. I’m looking for that answer.

Also the Save UV Face Layout script seems to have problems. At some point it stops working and the output image is wacked. From that point on never seems to work right in that blend file.
I am a noob too, so you probably already know about this, but this part of the manual has been updated for 2.46. Hope this helps.

I still have not figure out how to do any of these, anybody with a clue?