Questions on Character Modeling for Game Creation

Morning Guys

Attached is a little character i am busy with, he is Based on Tokomon from Digimon but there will be some major changes made to make him my own.

I will be using him in a simple game. but i have a few questions on the dos and don’ts for game character modeling if there are any.

  1. is it a big problem to have holes in the mesh? eg: where the mouth is.
  2. Should i join the mouth and teeth models together or just parent the Teeth to the main Mesh.
  3. Will parenting the meshes this cause any animation issues?

Thanks in Advance.

PS: I didn’t know which thread category this would best fit into @[email protected]


There should be no problem with having a mouth hole in the mesh, in fact it can often be helpful when weightpainting…

as for “is it ok to parent”… yes its fine and can also be useful depending on how well you have weight painted…
if it works for you, it will be fine… just be aware though the mouth s a hotspot for clipping, especially if you have it weighted as separate parts… occasionally make your character yawn while changing or modifying the weights. be aware of how much clipping there is and how much range of motion you need for the character…

if it works for you … its ok …

Ok so i have decided that the mouth will always be open as it adds to his character, but there will be some animations when the mouth needs to be closed. so i will triple check to make sure that the clipping doesn’t occur.

if it works for you … its ok …

Lol you don’t sound 100% sure on that face. is it just a matter of style between artists or am i just being lazy, I want to get this right 100% as i tend to trail off of projects if i screw up early on.

if the top and bottom gums/teeth are two separate pieces you can use vertex parenting to stick them in place in the mouth, and they will follow the lips.