Questions on Retopology


I´m very new to this Forum so i want to say hello to all of you guys :wink:

I´m working on a sculpted mesh, but i ran into some issues with the retopology.
In the picture you can see, that for the base, i needn´t much polygons, but when it comes to connecting the parts (here the detailed face part and the head part) i ran into problems. I don´t want to reduce the polycount in the face or increase the polycount in the head section but still want the parts to be connected, if possible :D.

Have you guys any idea how to achieve this? Or should i work around this problem?

I hope, i can learn something for future projects from you :wink:


Ohhhh my GOD, is that supposed to a be tree like human character of some sort??? Well you could keep the dense topology of your characters “face” as well as the low poly count of the rest of the model and having them connected by converting some edges to diamond connection(terrible explanation, I know). This way you’ll be able to reduce the outer edges of the face mesh to amount that will allow you to connect it to the outer edges of the body mesh.

Here’s how it’s supposed to look like.