Questions on static particles...


First time poster, long time lurker. I have been using blender now for over a year, but doing really simple stuff (one of my first products can be found here…).

So, I have started working on a new intro to my home made movies and am creating a simple character. For this guy, I would like to create hair using static particles (nothing fancy, just a mop that moves with him). So, my question to the fine folks here is if there are any good tutorials available to describe how to do this.

I have begun to play, and I get particles to do what I want, but they are not connected. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


There was a sample blend file and a tutorial on mop-like animated hair just a short while back… I know I have it somewhere on my hard drive…

If no one else can help you drop me an email and I’ll zip up the files I have and send them off to you.

:smiley: Jason

Thanks Jason! Actually, your talk that some form of a tutorial existed got me on the hunt for files. What I found was hairball.blend that taught me exactly what I needed to know. When I get things done, I might just have to post something up here on the board… Thanks again!

Cool. I hope you’ll post your renderings when they’re done… :smiley:


[quote=“SKPjason”]Cool. I hope you’ll post your renderings when they’re done… :smiley:

hi! (this is also my first post;-) Well, I am searching for a tutorial how to make realy realistc looking hair (I made a…well… nor bad looking head :o and so I need some good hair) The hairball tutorial didn’t helped me much, because I dont understand even the half of all thees buttons…