questions re: new rigging system in 2.4

  1. can’t parent an object to a particular bone anymore? how is it done now?

  2. when i move a bone, it snaps back to the location where its keyframe assigned it (just like normal objects when they have object IPOs). only way to change keyframes now is to turn on “automatically insert keyframes” in the timeline window. any way to turn it back to its original behaviour (move the bone then press IKEY to commit the changes)?

release notes weren’t much of a help.

i hate it when nobody answers and i happen to find out the answer by myself.

to parent an object to a bone:
. put armature in pose mode (and preferably in rest pos)
. select the object, then select the bone you want it deformed to
. you’ll be in the armature’s pose mode, but notice that the object you selected previously still remains selected
. now press CTRL PKEY. the option to parent to a bone now appears. click on it and the object will be parented to the currently selected bone

i still don’t know how no. 2 can be done…

There is only one reason an object jumps back, it has something telling it to. Check for IPO’s on the Object, Actions on the Bone or Parent that it’s a child of, Shapes or RVK’s and Constraints on the Object or its Parent.
The Outliner Window should show you all the links an Object has.