Questions Regarding Blender's Customization

Hi Guys,
I’ve used Blender in the past and kinda leave it for about 4-5 years and now come back with a surprise how much improvements it made and the flexibility! Like most other software, me personally customize the look and feel of the app to suit my need and/ second nature and in this case to match as close as possible with modo.

So my questions are:
For the past few days I’m trying to change the shortcut keys and found out that there is View2D and View2D Button List among other category, what does this function actually? since there is no View2D editor type (unlike 3D View editor type and there is 3D View counterpart inside the user preference shortcut keys’ list, also Outliner/ etc.)

Still regarding user preference shortcut key setting, can we link the shortcut of similar type onto a single shortcut? For example like if I change pan or zoom shortcut on 3D View and Blender will automatically change it for, say, UV pan or zoom as well.

Does Blender support to deselect elements by selecting ‘none’ (empty area on the viewport)?

On quad viewport display, can we control the background gradient individually? As in like only on perspective view that has BG gradient and the rest of the ortho view leave it as plain BG color? is it possible?

Well i guess that’s it for now and will post more question if i found any other problem in the future.
Hope somebody can help me on this :slight_smile: