Questions regarding my website...

Hi all,

I’m currently making a website to present my work and hopefully help me get involved with more blender-based projects.

I will have a links page where I would like to put links to all my blender resources, favourite websites and also the links from people who submit their concept drawings to my site for me to make 3D.

The permission to include the links from submitters will be stated on the submissions page but I’m not sure about the other links.

Do I have to ask permission to include links to other websites? Would mind if I included a link to this forum and perhaps direct links to my posts.

…and what about and blender3d, do i need their permission.

If anyone can clear this up for me, I would be greatful.

Also, on the sumbissions page, I would like some examples of concept drawings.

If you’re good at drawing and have any concept drawings that you don’t mind being featured on my website, please post a link. I could really use some raw sketch material for submission examples & the button that represents the sumbissions category.

I hope someone can help me out.

You can link to anyone without any problems if it is a text link.

If you will use a site’s logo to use with their link then it’s better to ask because the logo is copywritten and can only be used with consent. I doubt anyone will mind you putting up a link for them, though. Free pub is free pub.

I don’t think it’s too big a deal unless you have a picture of Mickey humpin’ a Rhino with a link to the Disney homepage. Also don’t have children’s content on a page with adult links, but common sense should have already won that argument.

If you’re nice about it… I don’t think anyone will mind.

I usually ask before I link.

And strangely enough, in some sites cases people didn’t want their link on there. They probably would never have found out if I hadn’t told them, but then linking is in a way about being nice :wink:

I have to say also… I’ve had people send me mail that “my site got included in a links page” and the links page was simply filled with crap that I wasn’t really proud to be included in.

I would say… Linking to communities that you are a part of such as blender/elysiun… linking to helpfull resources… linking to companies in a nice way… All that is great.

Be a bit more carefull when linking to individuals though.

Very many thanks for the replies.

That’s settled a lot of my concerns.

There are a few personal sites that I was thinking of adding but I was going to ask permission from them anyway.

Thanks again


Gee, it never once occurred to me to ask before linking. Oh well.
Here’s my links page: