Questions regarding texturing.

I’ve been texturing pretty successfully for a while now. Coming on here, I see a lot of poor texture jobs, and I would like to remedy this if I can. So I came here to ask people what sort of tutorials they would want for the GIMP to help them texture better, and achieve certain effects better. So please, tell me what tutorials you want or need, and I will try to make them.

Well first let me start by saying that I appreciate your offer. Second, the texture jobs are usually “poor” because most of the people here are “gameplay” rather than graphics inclined.

That said: Is there any tutorials left to write for GIMP or PS? I mean isn’t there like a bunch of tutorials on making game textures for those two apps already?

This link leads you to a tutorial on tileable textures in GIMP on the official GIMP site. I think these are quate important for 3D artwork and games and thus for blender.

Teaching us to make alpha maps and bump maps (greyscale normal maps) with GIMP is fairly basic I think.

Then I could do with a good tutorial on removing lighting and shadows from photographs as to make them useful for use on 3D objects.

Also, don’t forget the procedural textures! I think, for the best effect, procedural textures are best. I have a tutorial on procedural wood texture for instance:

That’s it for tonight.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

On my plate now, I’m thinking of making a skinning tutorial, since people seem to be fairly stuck when it comes to making characters