Questions to Star Trek Modelers on Ranger Scout

On Friday I started bashing a USS Ranger Model together. It was my favorite scout ship from FASA’s star ship combat game, and even though it was used as cannon fodder most of the time, there was an appealing simplicity to the ship. That being said, I am running into some difficulties. There seems to be no impulse engine mounting, or deflector dish, and the phasers are mounted on the top of the hull. I switched the phasers to a forward mounting and put a temporary dish up front. Any ideas for integrating an impulse engine into it?

The first image is the plan image from the old recognition manual, and the last image is from one of the video games. The middle three images are my project.


I actually don’t like that ship. It’s just a bit too simple but this isn’t the issue here. You have asked where one could place an impulse engine? Well…I gave it some thought and I think there are two possibilities:

  1. Add the impulse engines to the warp nacelles pylons. They are extremly massive and with adding some sort of engines there would be at least one reason why that ship needs such massive nacelles pylons. Of course this idea wouldn’t fit with the drawing on the first picture.
  2. make some cut-outs to the rear section and fit the engines in there. This would be the classical place for them to go.

And if you’re already doing changes and additions, I would recommend to add the typical star trek bridge on top of the ship

Hmm. Interesting design. About the bridge, I’m looking at the last picture and wondering if those two little windows on the front of the bump by the lighting are supposed to be the bridge windows. I’m wondering if maybe the core is stuck in the middle since it’s the only place tall enough, or something like that.

Also, since the front of the thing looks like a shuttlebay door kinda, It got me thinking about shuttles. Surely you’d need at least a couple small ones for those times the transporters just aren’t an option, and you’d probably want a couple of work-drone thinges too. . . .

I like the impluse engines on the pylons idea, since the pylons are kinda funky to begin with.

Oh, and for deflectors – I have no idea what era this ship was from, but remember the Enterprise D had those secondary saucer section deflectors that basically looked like four large windows on a little cut-out platform thing so they faced straight forward? Maybe that kind of design would work well here?

Ramble ramble

PTKS - I like the little ships, like the Ranger, Solar & Epsilon cutter, DS9 Runabouts (lots of models done) or the Scorpio corvettes. And as I add escape pods, shuttle doors, windows, and a reaction control system, it will get more complicated. :slight_smile:

Star Weaver - The only reason some starships have a vertical core is that the matter injector is at the top near the impulse engine with it’s fuel supply, and the antimatter injector is at the bottom with the ejectable antimatter tanks. Several ship classes had a horizontal core, like the old Constitution class.

The ship is so small that it would have very limited room for shuttle craft, so anything bigger that a Type-15 shuttlepod probably wouldn’t fit. I put two small bays in the rear of the top deck on either side of the torpedeo launcher.

As for the impulse engines, I tried putting them on the pylons, but that made the pylons look even clunkier. So I went with tradition and cut a chunk out of the rear to install a small impulse engine. I also tried hollowing out the pylons to make them appear less “bulky”.


Ah, I’m not all that up on the possibilites and I don’t remember what type’s what of anything anymore. All I’ve ever done is read the old brown tech manual a few dozen times mostly ten years ago :D.

Anyway, yeah, I was mailny thinking they’d want like one or two of the smallest shuttles just in case, plus room for a couple of maybe robotic-assist work suits if not the work pod things that make me think of Fe Valentines little ship over in Bebop land …

I was also curious about escape pods, is that what the little sqares by the bridge are?

Looks really nice, and the new pyon design is great.

I have been working on the scale of the USS Ranger. I seem to remember a length of 88 meters, but this only leave room for two decks (at 3.5 meters high each) on the primary hull. Considering the scout is designed for long duration exploration and combat, and that the game picture seem to idicate at least 3 decks, I boosted it’s scale to 4 decks: Command & Shuttle (4.5 meters), Living (3.5 meters), and two Engineering Decks (7 meters). The new ship length is 185 meters, height is 45 meters, and width is 115 meters. Even with this scale, the ship can barely shoehorn in a shuttle bay. There is enough room in the shuttle bay for either two Type 10 or four Type 15 shuttles. The escape pods are 3 meter cubes.

The shuttles I found on the web as 3ds files. The Type 10 seems to have lost it’s warp engines in the import.