ok,what exactly do i need to get the " Isometric flash from Blender" script run?Do i need ming or just blender & python or just blender as i can recall it has some python library?

next i would like to know if i can get the animation exported as swf to act like a button,to have a link pointing to…etc.What dynamic stuff can i do with the script?(i emphasize that i don’t know any action script 2.0 or earlier)can i create a 3d rotating and animated menu for a web page for example? Let’s say this simple example,a cube with some links and when a link is clicked the cube rotates so one other face reveals some sort of tv screen and a animation is played inside.Quite complicated this simple example,hah?:slight_smile:
k,10x and hop hearing from you very soon

edit:oops,i’ve just noticed i’ve misplaced the’s supposed to reffer to the thread with the link so sorry. :expressionless: