Seeing as i just got done creating a retarded post in the Game Engine Forum made you look) I thought i would post one here.

Since i been out of blender for a bit i am curious what files can it now import/export without me having to dig around for python scripts??

NOTE: Ya’ll need to bring back the FAQ forum, so your newbies don’t get lost


File >> Import/Export.


Not how, but what :wink:

Aslo how is the undo commad implemented nowa days??

Not how or wot… WHERE. Or do you want me to write them all down for you like I’m your pet monkey?


Get writting boeboe or maybe have a site admin put a link to a place that would have a common question like that already answered.

Tell me to use the search feature i dare ya :<

How much you had to drink tonight (and you used to be such a nice little boy). Open Blender (any version from 2.28 to 2.40) and go File >> Import and a menu popup lists more formats than number of beers you can possibly have drunk and still be reading this. Same with export. Wipe your mouth!


only the decent ones

In C, same as before

read up:

and use google, it would have found you this kind of thing quickly assuming you knew how to ask

[#blenderchat still exists, its on freenode… get x-chat or trillian or opera or gaim or mozilla or mirc or any irc client of your liking and go there… bug the people there… you don’t have to make fun of yourself here]