Hey wassup peoples? I’m new to Blender. I have a few questions.

First off, what website can I download the game engine?

Also, what can the engine do? Can I level design with it? Does it support Direct X files?

I read that with Blender, you make movies. So when I make a game, then make alittle movie, can the movie be in the game as a Cut-scene?

Hi there,
you can download from

you can level design, it does support DirectX

Yes you can have your movie as a cutscene if you wish :slight_smile:

hope this helps!

Welcome to blender!! have fun!

Cool thanks.

Last thing

Can this program work for the models I’ll make?

I really meant the WEBSITE itself for the Game engine

Also, I have DarkBASIC Pro. Will that help?

im not to sure about that program working with blender, if it can work with python then yes it will work with the BGE, the website i gave is where you can download BLENDER witch the game engine is inside!

braveheart did give you the website for the Game Engine. Just go to the “Downloads” section and download Blender 2.42a. Blender is much more than a game engine, though. It is a complete 3D modelling program, capable of commercial quality 3D rendering and animation. I’m sorry to say that the Game Engine is not quite on the same “commercial level” as the rest of the program, but it is still really good, and it is very easy to use. If you’re looking for documentation, I recommend that you visit “Download -> Documentation” on the site, as well as the “Info Center -> Using Blender -> Manuals and Books” page. At the Manuals and Books page, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Game Reference. It is the closest thing to a free book on using the Game Engine that you will find.

I don’t know if you can import DarkBasic models to Blender. In the Blender program, click “File” and bring out the “Import” sub-menu to see all of the file formats that you can import. If DarkBasic can export to any of those formats (for instance, Wavefront OBJ is a common one), then export to that format with DarkBasic and import to Blender. Also, it’s entirely possible that someone has written a script to import DarkBasic models. You could search around the forums a bit (probably in the Game Engine board or the Python and Plugins board) to see if it’s been done.

Hope that helped. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

P.S. - I’m inspired to add a “Getting Started” section to the tutorials on my website…

I re-read your initial post, and I thought I’d post again with a bit more clarification:

  1. The Blender Game Engine is part of the main Blender software. Just download Blender and run the main program. It’s in there, trust me.

  2. The engine does not natively support Direct X format, though there may be an importer.

  3. You do not need a separate modelling program to make your game models. Blender is a completely capable modelling program. You can also design all of your levels in Blender.

  4. The Blender Game Engine is very capable, though the rendering is a bit slow by modern standards (only a bit, though). As I’ve said, you can model and texture all of your game content within Blender. There is also an intuitive interface called “Logic Bricks” which allows you to skip a lot of the programming. For more advanced features, you can use the built in Blender Python API to program.

  5. You can make and use cut-scenes with Blender. To make them, just read about how to make animations, then to use them in your game, go to my short article on the subject.

Blender is very easy to use once you’ve learned the basic interface, though it may take you several months to get used to it, and you will never learn it all. Do yourself a favor and set aside the next week or two (at least) to read the Blender Manual and learn the controls, buttons, and hotkeys.

Thanks for the info you 2. At first, Blender will be very hard, then I thought to myself, “Just read, pay attention, and you’ll learn it”

I had ALOT programs I would’ve bought. But Blender is mostly EVERYTHING.:cool:

There’s just one last question I need.

IS there I program that can work with Blender where I can do voices for my game?

Worst comes to worst, I would have to make the game like Goldeneye 64. Just put the words on top and no voices:p