1. Is there a way to do a global mirror in object mode? I know its M key in edit mode.

  2. Is there a keyboard command to toggle subsurf modifier? I keep having to switch out of full screen mode to disable subsurf.

  3. I don’t really need the grid for what i’m doing now…its just getting in the way. Can I turn it off? and keep my xyz colored lines.

thanks in advance,


  • Ctrl-M mirrors in object mode, but it’s relative to object origin, not world origin. To move object origin, put the 3D-cursor to the desired location and do: Spacebar > Transform > Center cursor.
  • You can assign a certain subsurf level with Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, etc., but I don’t know about a hotkey to turn it off in edit mode.
  • In 3D-Window, Menu > View > View properties; Turn off “Grid floor”.Regards
  1. Shft-O (oh, not zero).


thank you much