Queston About Buffered Shadows (classic vs. classic-half)

My question is… what is the difference between classic and classic-half in buffer shadow.

Currently I see render errors when using classic-half. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong or there is something I need to add to the classic-half… or if it doesn’t make any difference and I should just use classic.

Here’s a render with classic-half (notice around the nose I have open areas… and I’m using the largest shadow map size with no softness):

Notice that classic does not have this issue:

This page says “As well as the ShadowBufferSize value affecting the quality of generated shadows, another property of Spot lamps that affects the quality of their buffered shadows is the size of the spotlights lighted area”.
There’s another one for Blender 2.6
Frankly - i did subtract images; there are only slightest signs that they are different.

Thanks for showing me this link. I should have zoomed into the error area (around his nose). What you’re seeing is one light… when I start actually lighting, the problem becomes compounded.

I’m using a very tight clipping area and using the largest shadow map it allows and I’ve played with the bias to make sure it’s within the proper range… this should produce the best case scenario for good shadow map generation. What I am experiencing is probably this…

“Classic-Halfway doesn’t work very well when faces overlap, and biasing problems can happen.”

So maybe my nose has some vertices that it doesn’t like (like maybe the interior nostril has verts coming out of the nose. I’ll look more closely but at least I have a hint as to what is causing this… so thank you! :slight_smile:

np! I got curios about what’s the difference between two buffer types, so…
Post back if that was the reason - interesting to know.
Happy blending!

No… I tried closing up his nose but it still rendered with holes in the shadow. The problem ended up going away as I was working on the shader… not sure what the issue was but it’s gone now. It looked like a biasing problem but I kept changing the numbers with no solution.