Queston about the Y axis

Hello, I’m new to blender and I wanted to learn it because me and a friend of mine want to know how to create games and such (he is studying C++ and directX so i’m encharged with graphics). Enyway, I noticed that if we have an object facing the positive side of the Y axis, when we see the object in fron view, we see the back of the object, and not its front.
Though I’m inexperienced in game making and blender, I think this may cause some problems. I know that I can create the object using the Y axis negative side as positive and then mirror the object, but I wanted to know if is there some other way to do this or not?
Thanks in advance.

Front view is #1 Keypad
Back view is Ctrl #1

and the same with other views !


Rotate your object until it fits your needs.