Queston "help!"

hi everyone, i’ve seen alot of blender stuff and i just wanted to know where did everyone learn blender? theres only two books for it on amazon. i brought the game kit book on the website is ok it shows you everything EXCEPT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A VIDEOGAME THE A.I i really want to make a videogame but if i cant find out anything about AI im going to give up on blender, So can anyone help out

Learning Blender is a long process which involves learning in steps. My game “Into the Titan” took over a year to make, and followed several years of learning and experimenting. There is no need to jump into AI immediately, and it is by no means “the most important part of a game.” That said, you should do some forum searches and look at some of the stickies, particularly this one. I don’t think you need to abandon the game engine, but you need to slow your pace a little bit. There’s no need to make Halo as your first project, start out with something easy like a token-collecting or marble game. Good luck!

thanks for the post, yeah i guess your right about pacing myself. im just excited about making a awsome game.

Hi, there. You can learn Blender fairly easily. There’s a good post I put down in the Dragon’s Question Corner Post; it talks about A.I.

Hey, I can’t blame you for getting excited, there is a feeling of power that comes with a tool like this. But just as you don’t climb Everest as your first mountain, you need to learn the ropes before you can do great things. I’m impressed to see your reply, your attitude shows a willingness to work in order to attain your goals. I can tell you’re not one of these people who’s going to charge in here and demand we do your work for you.
Good luck!

i just took a look at your game into the titan. i thinks its awsome, i really like the charcater models reminds me alittle of Katamari Damacy lol. but yea good game

What about the first one?? That along with “Me and My Airship” were my inspirations to keep on going.

Even AI is not used in most games. Some of the best blender games ever made did not necessarily include AI cough; me and my airship, eternal odyssey, Into the Titan etc., . I told someone to do a frogger game because that is technically the easiest game you could possibly make with blender because it doesn’t necessarily have AI.


Well, yes, the Golden Arm as well. It took almost exactly a year to make. Excellent learning experience.

Do you not have AI because you dont want to or its to hard to make. because im thinkin of making a very very simple platformer like Mario 64 with enemy that just run into the player with out any attack animation and player dies on contact. do you guys think that will be to hard to make? well before i make the plattformer with enemy im going to take plantpersons advice and just a make a platformer were you collect coins within a time limit. as a learning experience.

I don’t have any AI in my games because they simply don’t need it. If you’re asking why Blender doesn’t include some sort of AI “engine,” that’s because AI has to be specifically tailored to every application. Some sort of generic AI won’t work for anything. Every game requires a unique AI–so you have to build it from scratch. However, there are some AI bases you might look at. You can find links to them in the sticky.

A really stupid enemy that always just forges ahead is easy to make–just use the Track To actuator and he’ll chase your character to the end of the earth.

AWSOME! thats exactly what i wanted to know, thanks alot for you’re help