Questons about that bottom grid

When you open blender there is a grid. When I make a model from the existing cube, like this goofy, simpleton man with a hat :spin: , hes feet ended up below that grid.

That happened with my last model tut too except I think it cut through the head. I just turned the grid off.

How does that happen? Am I moving the objects up and down into the grid and just dont realize it?:no:

The grid is drawn along the XY plane and positioned at Z 0.00; neither up nor down along the Z axis. If it ‘cuts’ your model in half then the Object Center of your model is at Z 0.00 too. That’s just the center of the Scene; it shows 3D Space as a graph.


Thank you. I just went through and played with it. On this man model we do extrude feet and that is what went through the mesh.

So its me.:slight_smile: