A golden quetzalcoatl, the scene is a little dark but it´s ment to be like a hidden chamber, the gold material is from the material repository

Pretty cool. Do I remember right that this is something aztec or incan?

it was the principal god of a lot of mesoamerican cultures, mostly of the aztecs
the first representations of quetzalcoat as a feathered snake were in tenochtitlan an aztec city
xD i feel like my history teacher
thanks for your comment!


Also, did you know some historians say the Aztecs thought that the explorer Hernan Cortes was the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl, because he had “hair the color of the sun and eyes the color of the summer sky”?
I found that interesting… unfortunately, it seems that his treatment of them may not have been what they expected from their principal god…

Very nice work though. Do you plan to use this for anything (was it part of a history project, etc)

i like the this kind of art a lot (just saw some of the original sculptures this summer in a museum), but i have to say, the use of 3d here goes quite a bit of waste.
tracing something and tilting camera a bit doesn’t make sense.
instead of copying, you should try to recreate the figure. what this would look like in 3d?


looks really cool

The image looks great.

If you added ray tracing to the gold and added an appropriately dark HDRI it would really add to this scene.

The modeling looks super clean and the back ground is done really well.

basse your right, but also i did this to prove the resemblo between quetzalcoatl and the chinese dragons also is not just extruded, im currently working on huitzilopochtli the earth god, but i just cant make realistic feathers, does anyone know a tutorial or something??