Queuing render jobs

I’ve been thinking of setting up a new renderfarm but I am curious about a few things.

The last time I had a personal renderfarm was at university and at the time I was running Maxwell render, which has some great features allowing easy management of tasks and most importantly queuing.

Now first true question here.

How can I queue various scene’s to render and auto save the output to a seperate directory. I’ve been doing a lot of product renders recently in blender and I usually leave it on over night, but find the machine has been sat idle for 6 hours when I get back to it in the morning. I want 100% work load from this machine.

I use cycles with GPU rendering, but could I render a seperate scene via the CPU at the same time?

2nd question is staging work from various workstations and managing it, has this been address yet?

No answers to my problem?

Im sure one of these will have the info you need…
Built in network rendering

more info about that here http://vimeo.com/59130318
and http://blendingwithforbes.blogspot.com/2010/03/blender-25-network-render.html

others written with Blender in mind.(im sure there are more out there.)

commercial network render manager softwares that supports blender

cloud based

hope it helps

Thank you! Shall have a look.

EDIT: Loki is perfect! I wanted to set multiple blender scenes to render over night, and this allows me to queue the tasks!