quick 2.5 request

Hey everyone,

Been following 2.5 builds from graphicall laughing like a mad scientist all the way. I have a small request, can someone please fix the emulate middle mouse button thing?

I spend four hours a day on a train commuting to work, which is not so bad with my laptop and blender, but there’s not enough room to use a usb mouse so I tend to rely on the alt left click drag for orbit type stuff which doesn’t seem to be working in 2.5 yet (or have the keyboard shortcuts simply changed?)

You can press down on both mouse/touch pad buttons at the same time to get the orbit/turn table function . You can even pan with Shift+both mouse buttons (use the thumb to press both down while holding down shift with a finger) … Zoom also works this way though the zoom in the touch pad works without contorting your hands … This also works in the 2.4x series …

Though yeah it would be nice to get the old Alt LMB behavior in 2.5 …

No joy, doesn’t work for me…

Alt-LMB is invaluable to me since I use a tablet. Knowing I can’t be the only one however, I assume that this will be addressed before release.


Your request is a valid one. I, too, work on a laptop many hours of the day and sometimes find myself in want of a mouse. I, too, hope “they” restore some of the functions we have enjoyed with previous versions of Blender.

Greg Smith

it hasn’t been coded yet as its deep into the events system and needs a bit of thought, but rest assured it will be functional soon

cos there’s a few apps i use that rely on a middle mouse button, i did it at the system level, mapping the right apple/windows key. on osx i use an app called controllermate, i think you can do the same on windows with autohotkey. might tide you over in the meantime.

Anyway, the current state of blender 2.5 is not intended for serious work (that’s why you don’t get official builds). So far you can only play, so for every little bug like this, it’s just a matter of patience. Let’s be faithful…

Heh heh, I put in a request the other day and Nicholas had it done in 24 minutes (hero status achieved), I just thought I’d ask about this one in case it was a quick fix too…

OR THEY CAN INTEGRATE THE FASTHARY patch to use groups as layers!

geez, no need to yell, we can all hear(read) just fine. :slight_smile:


heh heh :wink: