Quick Abstract Art Challenge!

I made myself challenge, I had to make 2 abstract scenes and render them all in 25 mins. Here were my results!
Crit’s,?'s and Comments Welcome!

Scene 1
Link: http://pharaux.atspace.com/3DCubesAndBall.JPG



Link: http://pharaux.atspace.com/Abstainternet.JPG


Sorry for the quality, I rendered low quality in Yafray! :-?

Thanks, :slight_smile:

methinks you have broken links

work fine for me, just copy and paste the links if u cant see pic

just copy paste.

nice abstract works Blende.

Nice and…grey, have you considered adding a little color?

ya, just didnt know what colours i should put

I like the first one a lot.

And… don’t listen to Kansas… He’s still in the Primordial Blender Soup. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like the first one

there’s not much to comment about, it’s just two simple yafray renders

I just did something similar, 14 min modelling/materials, 8min rendering.

It’s a 350kb png, I tried compression, but it got too many artifacts, here is the link.


Okay, i’ll just use primitives and implant mind control devices in everyone and force them to look at the pretty cubes.

The majority of people around here are. They still have comments worth listening to though…

How u make the red ball things glow like that?

make the material have an emit power, then render in yafray with the emit power turned up to 2 or 3.