Quick abstraction

Spent less then an hour on the modeling and texturing part and a few hours trying to render it right. I would also include transparency but then the render speed tanked horribly


:frowning: I hate to be negative but that rally was a quick model. It really shows you only spent an hour. I’m certainly not out to offend anyone but I’ve seen a lot of your work (I looked at your whole gallery) and you have a great potential. I think if you’d take some time on your work and maybe take some tutorias it would help you out a bunch. I’ve noticed lighting is a main issue. Anyway, again, I hope I dont sound rude, I’m just trying to give you a helpful tip. I do respect your dedication to Blender and CG graphics and I hope you’ll take my advice as only triying to help you. :smiley:

You have to get used to longer render times if you want to show better finished projects.

Its an interesting composition, but I would like to see it how you intended.

That’s cool, Kansas. I like the colors, it looks as if it came from an old cartoon.

I agree with this, but still I think it’s a pretty interesting piece. Do what you had originally intended and repost. I’m interested in seeing that. I’ll even wait a few days for it :smiley:


But looking like what it was going and it would take a number of days to render, and I thought the piece was just too simple to wait that long.

I actually like the composition.

Its a nice render, but I don’t see how it could take so long to render…