quick adding object problem help (blend included)

I am having a small problem (check out the blend) When starting the practice blend you will see a plane which is always in scene Right clicking the mouse an object appears, left clicking the mouse another object appears and the first object disappears. that works and is an easy setup

What i am trying to do is this start the blend, plane is visible like it should be, so it would work like this press key or mouse for one object added, key or mouse for second object added and first object disappears, then key or mouse for just the plane, no objects in scene except for plane. It can be 3 separate keys or just one key that can be pressed 3 times for what i want.


addingobject.blend (200 KB)

Try this:

It uses messages to tell the shapes when to delete themselves before creating another. To delete all shapes, it just sends the message to delete all only. Keys: 1 CUBE, 2 BALL, 3 NONE.

Hope it helps, I’m using this method for my game too. Any questions, just ask.




Selection.blend (442 KB)