Quick and dirty auto-remesh using actual Blender tools.

Based on some ideas around, found a method to do remesh (in this case is more like a poly reducer), converting a high-res model in a subdivision surface type of model with much lower poly count than the original, and which can be Subdivided again. Not a real Remesh since the mesh is not as clean as a Remesh method, but gives pretty nice results.

The guide for the method, and a script from Brecht that is needed in one of the steps, can be downloaded here.

The guide alone can be found here.

I guess those steps would be just one click on a button with a macro in 2.5.

An example:

For those who don’t know what a real Remesh does, here is an example.

thanks, looks interesting.

I’ve been avoiding the sculpt tool for awhile because of high poly counts, but this would make it much more practical. Very cool.

I’ve uploaded the image with the guide for the steps separately to give a quicker preview of what this is about.