quick and dirty renderer programming?

Basically, I want to build a nice little renderer. Nothing too fancy or advanced at the moment but i need some help in regards to some simple straight forward documentation /articles on the general principle of rendering a 3d model. Most places i’ve looked at in the past tend to have some form of mathematical symbol that the average person doesn’t know of; just to complicate matters, which is really beyond the scope i need.

Also, if anyone can tell me which file format blender can export to which is really simple to read /open… I’m assuming Yafray’s XML format would be.

For those of you interested, I’ve recently got into microprocessor programming; more specifically FPGA’s (field programmable gate arrays) and would like to make a little renderer out of it, Hopefully with parallel processors. FPGA’s are basically processors you ‘create’ (as apposed to AMD’s Cisc or ARM based RISC’s processors which can only be programmed). And so I want to see how much rendering advantage i can get with a dedicated FPGA renderer.

Writing the processor’s core in VHDL is a hard enough task to begin with, which is why I’m asking. It’s certainly isnt a day’s programming task, more like a couple of months and thats without software programming and circuit building. Any help is thus appreciated.


You’re going to need to do some vector and matrix work (or have some really nasty things to work out) how are you with that kind of maths?

There’s always the fuzzyphoton tutorial, from back in the day:

IanC, Thanks for the link! it has helped quite alot actually :).

I know -about- vectors in some details, nothing about matrix’s though… At a first glance I should be fine with them. Top set for maths every year, I should be ok :).

So far everything looks pretty simple ^^

Yes, matricies are simple, until you multiply them :p. I learned about matrices in Algebra 2. Quite interesting.