Quick and dirty string simulation

I would like to animate some balloons. They’d have a string attached to them (you know, to hold them), which I would like to behave in a physical manner when I move the balloon. I doesn’t have to be super realistic, it just needs to have a nice ‘feel’ to it.

Any tips on how to achieve this? Tutorials I could check? Blender 2.82. Thanks!

Ok, solved it. Here’s a blend file: balloon-string-006.blend (889.7 KB)

The solution is based on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydX7bzLFbTo

You could also use the cloth simulation.

Balloon-Fly (Press Play)
Ballon-Fly.blend (492.4 KB)

Ballon-Move by Hand (Press Play and select the balloon and move it (slowly))
Ballon-Move by Hand.blend (654.3 KB)

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Thank you kindly! I did consider using cloth sim, but I kinda assumed it would make my scene too heavy. I’m definitely going to check that possibility out further now, though.

I do have a question: why, in the second example (‘by hand’), does the string move by itself? I don’t see any force fields in there, so I don’t understand.

You mean if you play it back without moving the balloon?
I don’t know, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
If you’ve got the “Quality Steps” to 1, the string stops.

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