Quick and dirty way of casting a shadow?

I have a background texture of an outdoor scene with part of a round table out in the sun (part of the table is off screen). I have a model of an object that is positioned so that it looks like it’s on the table but of course there isn’t really a table. I want to cast a shadow of the object on the table (ie over the background).

Is there some way I can capture the shape of the shadow of the object and just darken under it as if it was sitting on a flat surface? Or cast a shadow on an invisible surface and just keep the shadow?

Without a shadow the object appears to be hovering above the table and looks odd. but like I said, I’m just after quick and dirty on this one of there is an easy cheat


Put you object on a plane to mimic the surface of the table. Apply a material to it, make it transparent and set just TraShadow in the Shaders panel so it receives transparanet shadows.


Thanks for the trashadow hint. I also found OnlyShad underneath it too and then it took a long time to find “A” which was the alpha to stop jet black shadows.

Pointed me in the right direction! thanks