quick and fun image for a company

hey guys, did a quick image as a background on a webpage im creating for a company. I created a “mascot” who is named “sotis” , and its referred to “sotare” . "sotare " means chimney sweaper in swedish.

so this is image is to illustrate that he is going up the ladder on a summer day in the tall grass. and the house owners are being told that plz put up the ladder ( the tall gras makes it hard to find it )

what do u think ? :slight_smile: [ATTACH=CONFIG]379388[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]379390[/ATTACH]

Nice, but I can’t really tell what that center thing is. Is it a wall? The shadows are nearly nonexistent, so it blends into the wooden wall and I can’t see what shape it actually is. It looks flat… Try to work on the shadows.

Is that a common brick texture for chimneys in Sweden? It might help to widen the base. I do like your character, and I thought it might be nice to add a window but because it’s used as a background for a website that might be too busy… Also with the lighting, it looks as though the chimney and grass don’t match the other three elements (character, ladder, and main wall match together) it might help to change the direction of light to give more depth. Keep up the good work!