Quick Animation

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Just a quick animation, its pretty weak, but I did it so as to learn how to use Adobe Premiere for sound and compression. Also to see if I could upload video files on my website. If you dont have Broadband, it may not be worth the download, but if you decide to risk it, just go to the bottom of the page and click on where it says “click here for video clip”.
Also a quick question, How do I keep light sources from spilling thru walls and such, create shadows, etc… If anyone knows where i can find a tutorial, or has a quick answer (which I realize there are no quick answers when it comes to BLENDER) your help would be greatly appreciated…

NDNChief (Just another Noob)


(Hos) #2

TIP: ‘http://’ in front of a URL makes it cliickable, e.g.:

(folks are lazy so you have to help them out.)

The clip is nice, but the file size seems a little large.
I like using this (mpeg) encoder:


I think the standard trick is to put a lamp under the table
that has a negative value (i.e., press the ‘negative’ button
for the lamp). This should cancel out the light that shines
through the table.