Quick Arch-Viz grass technique (for still images)


Just thought I’d pass this on. I just watched a really nice technique for grass using Vray displace, thanks to a quick tip by the people at Evermotion https://vimeo.com/76032057 and I thought it deserved to be repeated here for Blender users:)

The results are pretty nice (for medium distance - non-animated shots), I think, and it renders very quickly. This rendered in about 1 minute.

(the trees and shrubbery are image planes just for size reference and shadows)

Basically it takes just a few steps:

1 - create a plane, subdivide a few times, and displace with the “displace modifier” using a cloud texture (use a large size for smoother bumps.

2 - Add a multires modifier and add about 4 subdivided levels.

3 - Add another displace modifier using a noise texture at a very subtle level, and small noise size.

4 - Make sure your grass plane is unwrapped and then add a grass image texture to it… done!

This rendered in about 1 minute.

Here’s the blend if anyone is interested in taking a look.


of course the textures can’t be distributed but the slots are available just go choose an hdr to light the scene, get a grass texture from cgtextures.com, and if you want download a tree image with alpha here:http://www.immediateentourage.com/perfectly-cutout-tree/

hope this is useful :

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Thanks for sharing this technique, it looks very useful.

what’s the polycount?

the most stupid method for grass i think ever used there is huge diffrance in vray displacment and blender displacment. Just use the hair. or group of bojects it will take just a bit of ram not 10 milion of polygons.

looks good,color variation of grass is nice.

this is what ive been searching for for about a month’ i tried to recreate it but with no luck and thr link to the blend file is not working

This grass could be very useful for basic background plates and such thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be using it.