quick car question

I am making my first car. Question 1. Am i supposed to use subsurf or not?
qeuestion 2.I have started to model from the center of the front bumper that way i can use mirror and build outward toward the the wheels What if I start a car building from the side doors how can i use mirror so the other door will be built. in other words how can I select the distance of the mirror?



subsurf is a something i find generally good to turn on and off…off once in a while to check what’s really happening from another perspective, in moments of confusion.
but generally, after the first initial steps, subsurf isn’t something you have to wait very far into a project to apply. at least that’s me

dig into those wiki tutes again about your mirror modifier…particularly, i find, the actual tutorials. there are a lot of different car tutes that will explain this pretty easily

If i had to make a car, i think i would use subsurf…to get the smooth effect.