quick composite

I just made this arrow composite video today. I know it’s not perfect. if any one has any tips or crits. it would be appreciated


Hey that’s pretty cool. Could you put a rubber chicken in there instead?

If I had a 3d rubber chicken:)

The closest thing I could find is a SwordFish here…


I’m doing the swordfish.:smiley:
I had a question. is there any way I can get the animation smoother. I was thinking of parenting something to the arrow or tracking but I don’t know

the arrow looks real. i couldnt tell what was composited at first.

Increase the frame rate? Maybe use Blur too.

Select the “arrow” (the fish) , and animate as usual. Then go to IPO mode ad see the curves for the arrow. You can adjust that curve in edit mode. If you select the ‘Curve’ --> Interpolation Mode you have the choice of:

  • Constant
  • Bezier
  • Linear

These settings affect the “flow” of the animation too.

By default Bezier is used and that is probably what you want. Adjust the curve for tweaking the flow.

well here it is. I didn’t put as much time into it

Ha!that is funny. How do you place the fish into the scene?

My best guess is to use a program like Ulead Media studio and import the BLENDER movie file into it. Use Ulead’s Video Paint feature and manually place the flying fish in there one frame at a time by hand.

Nope, I loaded the footage into the world button and also clicked on ambiant occlusion so it could be realistically lit and animated it all in blender. for the arrow I did the same thing exept I rendered with an alpha channel and did the masking of the hand in after effects.

orclord where can I find a tutorial on how to do something like this? I assume you are meshing a 3d model with meatspace camera footage? I am unable to see the video, due to admin settings beyond my control.