Quick Computer Question- New Even Quicker Question Added!

I’m looking at getting a new computer. I might go mac. I don’t have much money. There’s an eMac with these stats:

17-inch flat CRT display
1.42GHz PowerPC G4
160GB Ultra ATA drive
8x SuperDrive (double-layer)
ATI Radeon 9600
64MB video memory
56k internal modem

How do you think it would run Blender? (the most important question when computer shopping)

Off the top of my head, ATI?!

You might want to know about this:

I say go for an iMac G5 at the bare minimum. Don’t get anything with a G4 in it. Just keep in mind that you can get the same power for like $500-$600 if you go with a PC.

Maybe that’s why it’s so cheap. I’d go for it, Mac’s are pretty solid from what I’ve heard, but of course that depends on your preference. You can already get an x86 version of MacOSX, albeit illegally, but nonetheless you could use a regular PC as if it were a Mac. PC’s are usually a lot cheaper, though, because most of the components aren’t made for eachother per se, as well as the fact that Mac’s have a very good quality case and cooling tunnels, or whatever the name is. But Mac’s are still cooler :wink: .

If your tight for money then a PC is almost certainly going to give better performance for the money. Mac hardware is generally more expensive and more limited in choice, but very attractive both appearance and OS.

If your thinking mac ‘think different’ and get a PC, don’t be seduced by their appearance alone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think its a good time to buy a mac… I’m holding off for the intel processcors myself [and my guess is that when they come out I’ll want to wait another 9 months before actually getting one]. The imac g5 has heat issues… I’m personally tempted to get a mac mini to toy with, but it would not at all be a [graphical] workstation.

what do you mean by “not much money”?

if I recall the emac went for about US$700… what would I build with that?

athlon 64 3800+ [I think] motherboard combo goes for about US$150
case: US$100
ram: US$100 [I think that will get you a gig]
nvidia 6600gt or oc US$120
300Gb hd: US$150
windows xp profressional oem US$140
total: US$760

you can go less or more on the components [I’m not sure about the prices on a few of them], but this creates a very usuable system on the relatively cheap.

[course, I’m assuming you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse]

if you get mac, you have to get a new mouse, because these 1-button mice are evil.

id get a PC and put linux on it.

I’d get a new pc and put linux on it.

If I’m right the MAC OS is kind of like Linux.
You’d also save yourself money putting Linux on. :smiley:

I don’t like built-in displays any more because you can never upgrade them. Also, Mac displays tend to not support very high resolutions. My 3rd party CRT goes up to 1920x1440 on my Mac Mini.

Same as Mac Mini.

get 1GB.

DON’T GET A SUPERDRIVE!! They suck. They only burn most media at 2x because their support for 3rd party brands is pathetic. I built an external firewire burner from a standard ‘Windows-only’ %| LG IDE drive. Works perfectly with all my media and not one coaster after 35 DVDs and as many CDs so far.

I got a superdrive by accident because my dealer made a mistake and it is handy having two burners and I haven’t had any burn issue with it either but it just lacks support for brands.

This is better than the Mac Mini and it support CoreGraphics, which the 9200 in the Mini doesn’t so you get more functionality like brightness/contrast adjust in quicktime and the water droplet effect in dashboard.

The new Minis will have 64MB.

ATI is only an issue with Windows because the OpenGL support is bad. ATI have good OpenGL support on Mac because Apple write the drivers so there are no problems.

I wouldn’t go for a G5 imac, They have problems with heat as z3r0 d said. I would agree with him about waiting for the Intel processors but I would get a Mini in the mean time as it is the cheapest option and very capable.

The Mini is far easier to get fixed too and you can take it with you on holiday. When I go to stay with my brother, I just take my Mini that’s the size of a handbag and plug it into his display when I arrive. It can use any kind of cheap PC monitor.

Not quite. Unlike with Microsoft, OS X is included with the machine - a full copy with no serial number required so Linux isn’t any cheaper. In terms of maintainence time, Linux is much more expensive though.

Planteperson: The Mini looks nicer than the emac and if you have a plasma TV, you can use the new Front Row app to make it a media centre:


When it comes to MACs you pay for the OS when you buy your machine just like with PC’s.

But with PC’s you can ask not to have Windows on it, and the price will drop.

When you say maintenence I would have to say Linux is bair minimum.
Mac is also low maintenece as well.

Windows on the other hand if you think about has a very high maintenece time and cost more.

Like getting virus checkers etc.

Hmm, possibly but when you think that a Mac Mini costs just £350 and to buy Tiger alone, it costs £90 then you are paying just £260 for a 1.25GHz G4 + 512MB Ram + Radeon 9200 + 40GB HD + DVD/CDRW combo + a pretty box. I guess it’s possible but it wouldn’t leave much room for a profit margin.

I think you’re probably right though. OS X comes with a lot of software and somebody has to get paid for developing it.

imovie HD, idvd, garageband (since Apple own Logic, I’m guessing it might be built on that). There’s more but those alone give you the ability to do professional level video and audio editing/compositing - even with HD content, which you can’t burn yet because HD-DVDs aren’t out - and they come as standard. So either they’re being generous or it is included in the price somewhere.

The reason I was looking at a Mac is because I’ve become more and more pissed at Windows. My notebook has a Trojan that I’ve been trying to get rid of forever, while my family’s desktop has been in for repairs 6 times in the past three months. Windows is utterly annoying!

I’m experienced with Macs but Linux is way too foreign for me at this point. I’m not saying I wouldn’t ever use it, but I’m leery to have the first time using it be the time I buy it.

I don’t know how to put together a computer and wouldn’t feel safe doing it (I have trust issues with myself.)

Making your own pc can be risky.

If I’m right the MAC OS is similar to Linux. So if you do get a MAC you should be able to use a Linux machine easily.

The software can come cheap as it has been perfected over the years. Resulting in cheaper prices.

Go for a MAC there stylish, reliable and fast.

Just if you ever brake one there a pain in the butt to get fixed.

If you think about it.

1.25Ghz processor : £40
512MB RAM : £40-50
Radeon 9200 : £40
Pretty Box : Priceless :wink:

All in all you do get your money’s worth.

Making your own pc can be risky.

Not if you know what you’re doing, get quality components, and buy the components from a retailer with a good return or RMA policy.


when using windows [particularly if you aren’t the only one using the machine] you have to be willing to re-install somewhat frequently [at least once a year if you mess with it, either by not knowing [viruses] or intentionally [installing visual studio and the other 12Gb of crap you can get with it… then trying to update one part of that]]

your statement makes it somewhat clear why you have problems like the above [no offense]

macos is different… very different, but it never has the quirks that linux does sometimes where it will require configuration to some text file before something vital to using your system [say a gui… or a network connection] works.

Okay, I was looking at some other information and recommendations (in addition to your comment about reinstalling, z3r0 d) and have decided to reformat the harddrive and reinstall windows. I just have one quick question: when I reinstall some of the programs I paid good money for (Office) will the same registration key work? It seems to me that you couldn’t register twice with the same number because people could share and copy then. But I don’t proclaim to know that much about computers!

You can use the same key.

But if you keep reinstalling, Micosoft will not allow the key to be used then you got to the Microsoft help support and get it activated again.

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