Quick Cursor Pivot

I made a small add-on script that lets you easily set transform pivot & space to active selected object in ONE step instead of several.

You can use this to pivot from any part of a rig or any selected object. It uses the 3D Cursor, but when you Set Pivot it snaps and aligns the cursor to the local space of the active object AND sets the Transform Orientation (space) and Pivot Point to Cursor in one go, so you can then rotate (or scale) from that point, and when you click Free Pivot it restores your previous settings.

Turning this into a single click (or hotkey) makes it suitable for animation.

Available (free) on gumroad: https://ninjadodo.gumroad.com/l/quickcursorpivot

This script was inspired by the AnimX 2021 “We don’t need no interpolation” talk and the Ephemeral rig by Raf Anzovin. It’s an attempt to replicate some of that free-form control in Blender.