Quick delete without menu?


one of the things that bothers me while modeling in Blender is the need to interact with a menu when doing such a frequent operation as deleting mesh elements. There is no need to select which mesh element I want to delete. That should be easily derived from the currently active element mode. For example, if I have edges selected, and I hit X, it’s obvious I want to delete edges, not faces or vertices. It’s fine to have this advanced menu, but it should not be a default.

For example, for dissolve, there is Ctr+X shortcut. Instead of asking you which elements you want to dissolve, it will simply dissolve edges if you are in edge mode, or vertices if you are in vertex mode. Is there something like that for delete too?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, there is one addon.
Smart delete - https://gumroad.com/l/Smart_Delete
Thread - https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?396711-Smart-Delete-V-1-1-2-Bug-fixes
Video showing features -

Select a vertex and press X to open the delete menu, right click on vertices and select “add shortcut”, hover your mouse over the box and press the shortcut key you want to use (If you don’t have any add ons installed, “Q” should be an unassigned key). Repeat for edges and faces, you can use the same shortcut key for all of them.

What would be really handy is a way of finding out which shortcuts aren’t already assigned to another function. Most of the time there are very few “free” keystrokes that don’t do anything already.

Thanks, works like a charm!

Use the Outliner: right click on the object and choose Delete from the popup menu.

With Blender comes a addon called “Is key free” which does exactly that. Very handy thing.