quick doodles

A while back I was having a real mental block, and did not know what to draw. So I asked someone, and they just started saying random things. Although they were silly and trivial things to draw, they were actually really fun to do… it’s sad that I only ever spent about 5 minutes on each of them, because when they ran out of ideas I still had nothing to do for the rest of the day :stuck_out_tongue:
Just thought I’d share a few of them with you guys :slight_smile:

This one is my personal favorite… haha. She was just like “draw me a cookie!” … so I made sure it was one f*cking amazing cookie, lmao. And no matter what it vaguely resembles, I’m not fixing the chocolate chip near it’s crotch :smiley: (I didnt really realize until after I sent it and she’d said something… but I just played it off like I meant it ;))

some sort of snail thing…

unicorn with great big anime eyes and a nice smile. Not really an animal anatomy guy, had to use a reference for this one

All of these were drawn in Photoshop with your generic Wal*Mart mouse

Maybe I’ll put some more up later… lol. either that or use this thread for my mass of brilliant stick figure drawings :slight_smile: