Quick Drawings, nude figures, Strange Poses (female dancer added)


Well I finally got back to drawing something, it has been a very long time.
Details: done in about 20 minutes, from mind. So I got the back wrong as I had no idea what a back should look like in that position.
Captured with my phone (crappy quality) and tried to improve it in GIMP. The original capture is on the right, the “enhanced” (or not) version is on the left.

(sorry for bumping the thread, I think I’ll just be dropping pictures of this kind into this thread… there’s no risk, I don’t draw that much! lol)



Hmm, good for 20 minutes. Remember what the bones look like under the skin. They do cause points even on a well muscled or obese person.

How thick is the rib cage compared to a shoulder or elbow?

Get in that position in front of a mirror and study it. Well at least the upper part of the pose. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment!
I tried this morning to get into that position, and I must say that it is not easy! I can’t pull my left arm back that way, so I guess it’s really not a natural pose ^^. But yeah, I saw how the bones in the back moved around and the muscle (fat) too. I will try to practice that!


Hello again!

This is another quick drawing. Tried to improve he back’s features. Count about 40 minutes, drawing and shading.

Some proportions are off, like the right leg, and the hands… hands are troublesome hehe!



Well, for once I managed finishing a female figure. Usually I end up ripping the sketch off and dumping it, but this time she came through. She’s dancing. Her left leg’s supposed to be resting on something… it looks too small compared to the other one!