Quick effects Blender 2.7 Cycles doesn't render animation

I am able to set up a cube with the quick effects option. When I play the animation, flames, smoke etc. appear no problem as long as I set the display mode to material or texture. But when I choose rendered display (or try to render the animation) all I see is the domain cube. Can you only render this type of fire/smoke in Blender internal render?

Smoke rendering isn’t supported with 2.70. Even in the RC of 2.71, when you create a quick smoke thing, you have to make your own smoke material, and then it will show up in the rendered view.

Then I don’t see the point of the quick smoke function. I’ll have to try it again, but I’m pretty sure there was a material produced. Maybe not. Thanks for the info.

I’ll have to try it again, but I’m pretty sure there was a material produced
They were, for the blender render engine. You’ll just need to simply setup your own cycles materials

Well, I added materials to the smoke domain (cube scaled up along the Z axis) and the smoke object (icosphere) but all I see in the render is the smoke domain cube, now in a reddish color that I gave it. Still no flame+smoke. I tried a color ramp in the node editor, like I’d seen in a tutorial, but it made no difference.

If you locate the “Smoke Preview” video on YouTube it covers creating a suitable material. It has to hook into the “attributes” to work currently.