Quick Face Fills


Okay, I have a model with a bunch of vertices, and I was wondering if there was some sort of “quick and easy” method that I could use to fill it in.

I’ve tried the verts to faces Python script, and that didn’t help too much, as these are curves, and when you use the script, it fills in the whole two curves and the outsides included so as to make a rectangle.

I haven’t worked with UV unwrapping before, and I was wondering if that has the tools I need to fill in sections quickly and easily.

Basically, I want to have two curved sections filled in in between the two only, and not to stretch between the two corners that extend up from the curves.

Thank you for your time!

In Edit mode select all (A) and F >> Auto.


I think either [F]->“Auto” is broken or it does not work as expected … never tried this before, so I suspect the latter :slight_smile: At least it does nothing here when using it on a bunch of vertices. How is it supposed to work? Any docu?

[Shift][F] seems to work though.

You might also want to have a look at Tutorials: Fill Faces


Thanks for the reply’s!

Man, I really must have not said that right, because I think it came off as “noobish” by your responses!

What I meant was that I have a lot of vertices, and I need them all filled in at the same time.

I know how to use the fill tool, as well as the beauty fill tool.

I attached a picture of what I want to be filled.

Thank you for your time!




To create a Face you need to go into edit mode and also select ,edge select mode, after that you will be able to select 2 faces and that will connect them you can select any 3 faces and join them also but if you try 4 or more the problem with that is most of the faces will become concave and blender does not support that so it can not be done resulting the non working face auto button

steps to create a face:
select 2-4 faces with edge select mode on (note 4 faces will normally be concave)
After selecting the faces press the F key to join them together
and thats it:evilgrin: