Quick Face from Grid. Plz Critizise me :)


Yesterday I made a quick face from the default grid object. Today I have been messing with it hoping to perfect it. This will be part of my larger project to create a bunch of prefab models for games. I plan to put faces like this as a sort of “mask” over lower poly models once the camera gets close.

Can someone take a look at it and give me some constructive criticism?


Edit: Oops! the most important part, I was playing around with the sculpting tool.


BlesnderFace.blend (241 KB)

I think it’s pretty good, but there a lot better ways of making faces. I’m not a whiz myself, but there are a bunch of good tutorials on the net. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Will the face be animated?

Yes, I want it to eventually be animated. I think the first mistake i made was the mount is sewn shut, lol.

Haha, yeah. That wont be too hard to fix. But I think the way you have your face laid out on a grid is a bad idea. I’d really suggest looking up a tutorial on face modeling and follow along with that. I’m pretty sure Jonathan Williamson has a good one. Good luck!

go sculpt! i have no skill there :frowning:

I agree with Adamstox, there is alot less painfull way of modeling faces with a much lower poly count to boot :D…as for defintition you can build on what you have done or add into that “lower poly”

well thats my opinion…

Here is a better look at the whole face. As for ease of use, i think sculpting is a really easy way of making a face hehe. I started by raising the nose and the middle of the face then just lowering areas like eye sockets, etc, and then finally lowering the edges of the face, and then using b-select and deleting unused faces. if i ran out of space, i just extended teh grid by selecting the lines and using the extend. Then I duplicated and x-mirrored, flipped the normals, etc.

Finally I used the “rip” vert to open the mouth.