Quick favorites disappear when quitting 2.8?


QF are one of the best things on 2.8 but they disappear when you exit blender? Then I have to remap everthing again. Why cant blender save them for that particular file?

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It’s weird right now but you have to Save your preferences for the quick favorites to be kept.


Actually, that kinda make ssense to me as it a menu, so not unlike saving which addons are active.

Yeah, it’s a shame. This is technical reason, not a usability reason to make it work this way. They really should change that. The Quick Favourites menu works perfectly fast to add and remove menu entries, no need for the extra step of saving preferences!


It makes sense as a preference yes. However, typically preferences are editable within the preferences window… but quick favorites are not editable there. Quick favs are part of the UI, so you could argue it’s better served as being part of the Startup file since other UI tweaks are saved that way. But that would also be very obtrusive especially if you’re adding new favorites while working on a complex scene; you obviously don’t want to save that scene as your startup file etc. Just weird right now I think :slight_smile:

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Maybe a simple fix would be that if you change your favourites, it auto-saves preferences, so at least you don’t have to manually do it. The downside there of course is if you’ve altered the preferences elsewhere for some particular reason, but didn’t want to make that your default. Maybe save them as a simple XML file would work?

@rboxman That does work, thanks! The problem (or is it?) is that it saves those QF for all sessions so you might end up with a lot of stuff there.

I added a separate save option suggestion regarding Quick Favorites to Right-Click Select. Votes are welcome if you’d like it too, thanks.

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Just FYI in case anyone else runs into this: You actually have to change a setting within the preferences window, then save, then change it back, then save again, to save your Quick Favorites without actually changing anything else.

Hopefully this will be more elegant in the final 2.8 build. :slight_smile:

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my question is how to edit it?

Edit > Preferences > Save Preferences
If you save preferences before exiting Blender it will be there next time you open.

zgorg - to edit just Right Click everything :slight_smile:

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I’ve just tried this and it isn’t working for me. :-\ Besides, surely if Auto Save Preferences is enabled, this wouldn’t even be necessary…?

EDIT: Okay, saving the preferences alone isn’t enough, but saving them and then saving the project before quitting does.